We strive to be widely recognized as a premier healthcare services company, known for its managed healthcare recruitment, staffing and consulting capabilities, excellent service and uncompromising integrity.

Our Values

  • Employment and educational opportunities which meet the needs of professionals working in managed healthcare and our clients.
  • People of exceptional skill, expertise, and commitment. Innovation, change, organizational flexibility, financial growth and professional development.
  • The highest standards of business and personal ethics.
  • Our corporate obligation to the social and economic well being of managed healthcare professionals, our community and its families, and diversity in people, ideas, and culture.

Our Mission

  • Achieve and sustain our place as the premier company providing managed healthcare staffing and consulting resources which meet the needs of the healthcare marketplace.
  • Be the preferred partner for numerous recruitment, staffing and consulting products and service innovation throughout the industry.
  • Foster continuous growth, through careful selection of staff, maintenance of strong client relationships, and the insistence on quality.
  • Maintain superior financial strength, offering those products and services that provide attractive rates of return and competitive product value.
  • Exemplify the highest standards of business ethics and personal integrity, and support the social and economic well being of our community.
  • Continuously evaluate our efficiency, accuracy, and quality of services.

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