Volunteer Work

PSN is proud to announce our 7h year as a supporter and volunteer for Manna Food Center and the program Karen Goldberg Smart Sacks. Manna Food Center is a nonprofit organization that helps fight hunger in Montgomery County Maryland (www.mannafood.org).  One in four school aged children in Montgomery County unfortunately face hunger. During the week; most of these children qualify for Free and Reduced Meals program, but on the weekends, they have to fend for themselves. Smart Sacks is a program that was started in 2005 to help keep Montgomery County’s children fed.

Each year PSN sponsors a local elementary school in Montgomery County.  Each week we pick up, pack up, and deliver kid friendly nutritious food to our sponsored school.  Manna provides the food, donated by generous citizens and companies county-wide.

Ryan Whiteis, our Contracts Coordinator and Smart Sacks administrator says:

“I’ve been picking up food from Manna, and delivering Smart Sacks for PSN for the past 6 years. I’ve always loved that PSN volunteer’s time and resources to give back to the community, and seeing the value that the program has to these children and their families is priceless. I’ve been told countless times by teachers at the school we’re partnered with that this program is immensely helpful to these children. Hearing a dozen little voices yell “Thank you, Mr. Ryan!” when I drop off the food doesn’t hurt either.”

If you are interested in learning more about this great program, please contact Manna Food Center www.mannafood.org. or call 301-424-1130.