All PSN consultants working with companies requesting accreditation preparation are NCQA-trained registered nurses and other healthcare experts who are accreditation reviewers. Simply put, PSN knows what it takes to pass a rigid NCQA accreditation process.

Whether you're a provider or business wanting to meet regulatory requirements that mandate accreditation, or a major health plan seeking NCQA re-accreditation, PSN can help by maximizing your chance for accreditation success - and improving your bottom line.

PSN can provide an assessment of your accreditation needs and a blueprint for action that you can implement, with or without our help, day-to-day! Our knowledge of best practice services include:

  • Assessment of documentation compliance to URAC or NCQA Standards
  • Expert blueprint for compliance
  • Policy/Procedure development
  • On-site mock surveys
  • Program Development
  • Application Assembly and Submission: Our consultants can assemble and submit your URAC (through the AccreditNet online system), or NCQA application.


We provide expert NCQA preparation services in any of the following areas:

NCQA Accreditation Programs
• Accountable Care Organizations (ACO)
• Health Plan Accreditation (HP - First, Interim, or Renewal):
     • Exchange
     • Medicare
     • Medicaid
     • Commercial
• Wellness & Health Promotion (WHP)
• Case Management (CM)
• Accreditation of Case Management For LTSS
• Managed Behavioral Healthcare Organizations (MBHO)
• Disease Management (DM)

NCQA Certification Programs
• Credentials Verification Organizations (CVO)
• Disease Management (DM)
• Health Information Products (HIP)
• Multicultural Health Care (MHC - with or without Distinction)
• Utilization Management and Credentialing (UM/CR)
• Wellness and Health Promotion (WHP)
• Accreditation and Certification Users Group (ACUG)

NCQA Recognition Programs
• Patient-Centered Medical Home (PCMH)
• Diabetes Recognition Program (DRP)
• Heart/Stroke Recognition Program (HSRP)
• Government Recognized Initiative and Projects (GRIP)
• Patient-Centered Connected Care (PCCC)
• Patient-Centered Specialty Practice (PCSP)

PSN can assist with the following:
• Assessment of documentation compliance to NCQA standards
• Expert blueprint for compliance
• Gap analysis
• Assembling of your application
• Data analysis support
• Policy and procedure development
• ISS preparation assistance
• On-site mock surveys
• File audits
• Program design

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PSN has a proven track record working with all types of managed care organizations. Please contact us to discuss how PSN can assist you with the NCQA accreditation process or email [email protected].

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