URAC Accountable Care Accreditation

We will guide your preparation for URAC Accountable Care Accreditation!  Professional Services Network provides expert consultation to companies seeking accreditation with URAC.

Our consultants’ credentials include actual work experience as URAC accreditation surveyors. We have a proven track record working with all types of managed care and provider organizations. We are committed to delivering high-quality consultative services and assistance with program development in a cost-efficient manner to meet YOUR time requirements.

Our URAC accountable care consultant has first-hand knowledge and experience with evaluating your organization’s readiness for URAC Clinical Integration and Accountable Care accreditations and can guide you with a blueprint for accreditation success. 

What is an Accountable Care Organization?

URAC defines an accountable care organization (ACO) as a health care organization characterized by a payment and care delivery model that seeks to tie provider reimbursements to quality metrics and reductions in the total cost of care for an assigned population of patients. ACOs are committed to improving population health, enhancing the total patient experience of care, and reducing per capita cost, and they achieve that by assuming greater financial risk through management of their patient populations.

Accountable Care is underpinned by a clinically integrated network that ties together all of the organizational and clinical components needed to serve given population(s).  Clinical integration is the foundation of accountable care, and therefore organizations considering Accountable Care Accreditation must meet URAC’s Clinical Integration Accreditation requirements, as well (see www.urac.org/accreditation-and-measurement/accreditation-programs/all-programs/clinical-integration-accreditation). This accreditation can be done simultaneously or as a sequential process.

Detailed information regarding URAC’s Accountable Care Accreditation program can be accessed through: www.urac.org/accreditation-and-measurement/accreditation-programs/all-programs/accountable-care-accreditation/

PSN can assist with meeting URAC’s Clinical Integration and Accountable Care standards with a focus on the following ACO concepts to optimize health outcomes and contain costs:

• Organization governance and leadership
• Clinical integration
• Patient centeredness and engagement
• Health information technology
• Population-based risk management
• Quality management
• Care coordination and case management

What PSN can do for you:

• Assistance with conducting a self assessment to determine readiness for pursuing URAC Accountable Care accreditation
• Assessment of  documentation evidence for compliance to URAC standards
• Expert Accountable Care blueprint for compliance
• Assembly of your URAC application, including AccreditNet filing
• Policy and procedure development
• On-site mock surveys
• Quality Management
• Orientation and training


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