URAC Clinical Integration Accreditation

We will guide your preparation for URAC Clinical Integration Accreditation!  Professional Services Network provides expert consultation to companies seeking accreditation with URAC.

Our consultants’ credentials include actual work experience as URAC accreditation surveyors. We have a proven track record working with all types of health care organizations. We are committed to providing high-quality consultative services and assistance with program development in a cost-efficient manner to meet YOUR time requirements.

Our URAC Clinical Integration consultant has first-hand knowledge and experience to evaluate your organization’s readiness for URAC Clinical Integration accreditation and can guide you with a blueprint for Clinical Integration accreditation success.

What is Clinical Integration?

URAC defines Clinical Integration as the coordination of patient care across conditions, providers, settings, and time to achieve care that is safe, effective, efficient, and patient focused. Clinical integration focuses on provider collaboration to ensure best practices, consistent with evidence-based guidelines and coordination to deliver cost-effective, quality care. Clinical Integration requires providers to work together to share clinical data within a framework and network more expansive than a medical home, with the shared goal of rendering necessary care to patients in an efficient manner with the best possible outcomes.

Detailed information regarding URAC’s Clinical Integration Accreditation program can be accessed through: www.urac.org/accreditation-and-measurement/accreditation-programs/all-programs/clinical-integration-accreditation/

Once the Clinical Integration accreditation is attained by provider groups, they are able to advance to URAC Accountable Care accreditation. 


What PSN can do for you:

• Assistance with conducting a self assessment to determine readiness for pursuing URAC Clinical Integration accreditation
• Assessment of  documentation compliance to URAC standards
• Expert Clinical Integration blueprint for compliance
• Assembly of your URAC  application, including AccreditNet filing
•  Policy and procedure development
• On-site mock surveys
• Quality Management
• Orientation and Training


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