We will guide your preparation for URAC Health Plan with Health Insurance Marketplaces accreditation!  Professional Services Network (PSN) provides expert consultation to companies seeking accreditation with URAC.

Our consultants include experts with actual work experience as URAC accreditation surveyors. We have a proven track record working with all types of health care organizations. We are committed to providing quality consultative services and assistance with program development in a cost-efficient manner to meet YOUR time requirements. 

Our URAC Health Plan consultants have first-hand knowledge and experience to evaluate your organization’s readiness for URAC Health Plan with Health Insurance Marketplaces and can guide you with a blueprint for accreditation success. 


What is a Health Insurance Marketplace?

URAC defines a Health Insurance Marketplace as part of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) that ensures millions of Americans, both individuals and families, are able to access and compare an expanded choice of health plans, and shop for coverage.

What is Health Plan with Health Insurance Marketplaces accreditation?

URAC’s Health Plan Accreditation Program earned HHS approval, making it eligible to accredit issuers of qualified health plans participating on Marketplaces in all 50 states and the District of Columbia.

The ACA requires all Marketplaces to be comprised of health plan issuers accredited by an HHS-approved accrediting entity.

URAC accreditation signifies that an issuer has undergone and passed a rigorous and independent review of every aspect of its operations, including the quality of care and level of service provided to enrollees. All of URAC’s Health Plan Accreditation Programs include the flexibility to add and review any locally required standards and measures.

Detailed information regarding URAC’s Health Plan with Health Insurance Marketplaces can be accessed through:  www.urac.org/accreditation-and-measurement/accreditation-programs/all-programs/health-plan-for-health-insurance-marketplaces/

Some of the services PSN has provided our clients include:

• Assistance with conducting a self-assessment to determine readiness for URAC Health Plan with  Health Insurance Marketplaces accreditation
• Assessment of documentation evidence for compliance to URAC standards
• Expert URAC Health Plan blueprint for compliance
• Assembly of your URAC application, including AccreditNet filing
• Development of required plans, policies, procedures and annual program assessments
• Guidance on marketplace communication and marketing logs
• Assistance in understanding Delegation Standards and required documentation
• Instruction in conducting the annual assessment of Network Adequacy, Accessibility and Availability
• Preparation of staff for URAC interview sessions
• On-site mock surveys
• Quality Management and development of Quality Improvement Projects (QIPs)
• Orientation and training


PSN has a proven track record working with all types of managed care organizations. Please contact us to discuss how PSN can assist you with the URAC accreditation process or email [email protected].