Are you the Right Candidate for a Telecommuting Job?

What employers consider when searching to fill a remote opportunity.

Telecommuting opportunities are increasing for professionals in many fields. Nurses, in particular, have access to many jobs that allow telecommuting as health care companies try to provide both excellent service and cut costs. Professional Services Network, Inc. recently had the opportunity to work with a large health care client to employ over 70 utilization RNs for remote positions and similar opportunities to place our nurses in remote positions frequently come our way. 

Though the jobs are plentiful, working from home is not for everyone. The ability to separate a home environment from an office environment can be challenging; as is the ability to work independently, without the direct support and interaction with co-workers.

If the idea of telecommuting does appeal to you and you feel you would be qualified for the skills of the job, keep in mind what we and other employers look for in successful telecommuters.  These traits can help you self-assess your abilities to work outside a traditional office setting, and to help you determine how to best represent yourself with the skill-sets required of a remote employee.

Communication Skills
From the phone interview to landing the job, good verbal communication skills are essential to asking the right questions and communicating your skills and desires for the job in a professional and engaging manner. Additionally you should be technically savvy in all forms of electronic communications including emailing.

Technical Skills
Another important skill to address is your ability to use technical equipment including computers, printers and scanners and to be able to troubleshoot equipment issues. Also, having good, reliable equipment and fast Internet is often a requirement of companies, though some will work with you to get you up to speed with your digital connections.

Ability to Work Independently, Reliably and with Initiative
Remote work in most cases by definition is an independent undertaking. Being able to successfully work alone for long periods of time and without supervision requires a dedicated person with good time-management skills and the ability to follow-through with an assignment without constant reminders. Reliability is a quality that employers look for to ensure remote workers start their work days on time, work the required hours, and complete tasks on time. Prior experience as a remote employee works as an added bonus to a prospective employer.

Reasons you Want to Work from Home
As part of the hiring process, employers will likely ask you why you desire to work from home. Beyond understanding your motivations, they will also be thinking ahead to growth opportunities that will also offer remote work options. 
Working from home can be a rewarding experience, freeing up your time for other endeavors. However, keep in mind the above-mentioned skills and qualities that we and other employers seeks above and beyond the skill-sets required of the job itself. Make sure you are prepared with the needed skills to make a good impression.

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