Let PSN help your organization improve your HEDIS and/or EPSDT accuracy scores

PSN has an outstanding relationship with a nation-wide network of experienced healthcare professionals to include Licensed Registered and Practical Nurses for data abstraction projects of all types. Our professionals can perform medical record review at physician practices, client offices and remotely from home; all based on your organization’s needs.  Our professionals have completed a variety of review and abstraction projects including HEDIS for health plans, EPSDT state audits of pediatric health screenings for Medicaid programs, mortality studies and billing reviews, just to name just a few. Our professionals boast top accuracy in their work and will meet your deadline every time.

If medical record review or data abstraction needs are in your future, PSN can staff your project! 

Our professionals can locate needed medical information and abstract the data from both electronic and paper medical records. 

Allow PSN to staff your quality review needs, whether seasonal, or simply helping you get caught up with a backlog. PSN takes on all employment duties! Our professionals are PSN employees, allowing you to free yourself from providing payroll services, hiring paperwork, benefits, and remaining litany of the additional responsibilities of an employer, while helping you to meet and maintain your goals.

Our highly experienced professionals love performing medical record review and data abstraction projects, and we know you’ll love the work they do!

“It was a great experience working with PSN. We had two great teams of dedicated and experienced HEDIS nurses. Overall, everything went great! The Nurse Recruiter, Coordinator and I were in one accord. They stayed in the loop, and we worked well to get the team together. We received Excellent reviews. One of the nurses now has a full-time permanent position with us. There are others I would want full-time on my team as well. We passed Medicaid and Medicare with flying colors.”

“I have worked with PSN for almost six years now. I use PSN to staff for our HEDIS project. They have been monumental in helping me create a team of nurses that are experienced, knowledgeable, and reliable. I have been able to use the same nurses for the past 5 years. We have been successful in passing our HEDIS audit every year.”

What our Employees Say:

Learn how PSN met the challenge of placing Registered Nurses into staffing positions at break-neck speed and how we became the client’s “preferred vendor”.

“It’s a pleasure to be associated with and employed by your professional and caring organization.”

“I will continue to make referrals to you so others can enjoy the experience as I have.”

“I can truly say that even though physically separated, PSN has excelled in making their employees feel appreciated. This really makes your company a jewel among companies, and I would like to thank you. Wherever I may end up physically, I will always refer to your company with high regards.”