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Let us help you with your Temporary and Direct Hire Staffing


Contact us for a free quote; there is no cost to your organization unless you hire our candidate. 

Let us help you with your Temporary, Temporary to Direct Hire & Direct Hire Staffing

We know that staffing your department or organization with qualified managed care healthcare professionals can be a challenge! Whether it’s covering for vacations, helping you get caught up with a backlog, or looking for a new employee of your own, PSN can make it happen. Our highly qualified Managed Care Recruiters know what to look for when screening and interviewing potential candidates for your opportunity. We will work directly with you or your Vendor Management System (VMS) to help you find the ideal candidates for your position.

PSN employs a nurse-to-nurse model that has made us a successful woman-owned, nurse-owned staffing agency for 30+ years. Our Recruiters are all Licensed Registered Nurses who have a wealth of experience in all aspects of Managed Care to include leadership and executive level roles. As a result, they know what you need, and how to successfully interview candidates to determine their actual experience and skill level.

PSN maintains a nation-wide network of nurses and other healthcare professionals and support staff and has the capability to provide you with timely resources that save you valuable recruitment time. We make your experience working with us productive and cost-efficient.  If your need is for temporary or temporary to hire staff, PSN takes on all employment duties! Our professionals are PSN employees, allowing you to free yourself from providing payroll services, hiring paperwork, benefits, and the remaining litany of additional responsibilities of an employer, while helping you to meet and maintain your goals. Our professionals can work remotely from home, at client offices, or a hybrid of both; all based on your organization’s needs. 

Give us a call for a free quote; there is no cost to your organization unless you hire our candidate.

Our Clients Include
Our Services Include
     QINs & QIO's       Utilization Review/Management/Appeals/Denials
     Managed Care Organizations       Case /Care / Disease Management & Discharge Planning
    Health Care & Hospital Systems       Call Center / Triage Lines
    Healthcare Consulting Practices       In-home and Facility Patient Assessments for Services: Medical & Behavioral Health
     Worker’s Compensation Companies       In-home and Facility Patient Assessments for Services: Medical & Behavioral Health
     Medical Billing Companies       Medical Record Review & Data Abstraction
     Private physicians’ offices       Quality Review & Risk Management

"I have worked with PSN for many years. I have always found them to be professional, reliable, and responsive. The temporary staff who were sent at our request were both knowledgeable and flexible.”

“We can speak to the prompt response you provide to requests, the fine level of individual attention you pay to special needs, and the follow-up you provide until the right match is found.”

What our Clients Say:

What our Employees Say:

“PSN is great to work for because of the diversity of the assignments. I enjoy the options they offer.”

Learn how PSN met the challenge of placing Registered Nurses into staffing positions at break-neck speed and how we became the client's "preferred vendor".

“I cannot thank you enough for all of your support and help during my assignment. It has really been a pleasure for me to know that I have established a relationship with PSN. I plan on maintaining it by referring other professionals that would meet your needs.”

Client's Challenge

A large well-known Health Plan approached PSN with an immediate and critical need to fill 200 temporary to direct hire utilization review nurse positions throughout the U.S.  The client had secured a contract that required that these nurses be fully operational within a three-month time frame, and desired that as many as possible start within 30 days. The client required a very specific set of managed care nursing skills. Additionally, this was a start up program with new leadership and no policy and procedure in place.


PSN's Achievement

PSN immediately set to work executing its unique nurse-to-nurse recruiting model to identify and place competent, qualified registered nurses to fill the client’s needs. The initial group of 35 nurses were hired and ready to go within 30 days. PSN continued to complete the hiring of the remaining number of temp-to-hire nurses needed in a rapid manner. The client was so impressed with PSN’s candidates that they hired close to 95% of the 200+ nurses submitted. It is important to note, that there were other organizations this client was working with to fill these positions; however, PSN dominated with our ability to successfully meet the needs of its client in a timely manner. Ultimately, the client had the ability to have qualified temps, on 

PSN’s payroll, that they could orient and train during the temp-to-hire period. This allowed them time to make sure the nurse would be a good fit with their organization when selecting for permanent positions. The client made offers of permanent employment to over 95% of the temps placed. This demonstrates not only PSNs success, but a significant benefit we provide to an organization that needs a quick turn-around for long and short-term staffing needs.


As a result of our success PSN is still this client’s preferred vendor, and the first call they make when they need managed care staff of any level. 

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Professional Service Network, Inc.
Phone: 301.460.4089
402 King Farm Blvd. Suite 125-142
Rockville, MD 20850
Business Hours:
Mon - Thu 8am - 6pm

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