Let PSN help improve your HEDIS scores by providing educational training to your team to meet the required NCQA documentation standards


Annual spring HEDIS scores are just one part of being a health plan provider, but they are a very important part, as they can affect your bottom line. The better your scores, the better your bottom line. Instead of dreading the next HEDIS season, why not allow PSN to assist your team so you are properly prepared?

PSN can connect you with expert level HEDIS professionals who are able to provide educational training to your team, large or small, to better prepare you for the upcoming season. Our professionals will work with you to provide education on the NCQA documentation standards that are applied to annual HEDIS data abstraction and reviews. These professionals will help make sure you understand what HEDIS reviewers will be looking for, and how to make sure you have your i’s dotted and t’s crossed in your EMR system, so you pass with flying colors!

Give us a call to see how we can assist you in preparation for the next HEDIS season. We would love to help!

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