The Value of Healthcare Accreditation

As a healthcare provider or organization, you may find yourself at some point needing to become accredited. Whether it may be to meet state-mandated regulatory requirements or to satisfy specific contractual requirements with other parties, pursuing accreditation might become a reality for your organization.

At first this can be very overwhelming and quite challenging as you decide which accreditation is the best fit for you organization. It is always best to directly contact the accrediting organization and speak with a representative who can advise you on the most appropriate accreditation that you should be pursuing that aligns with your organization.  Whatever type of accreditation you may decide to pursue, this ultimately shows that you are taking the necessary steps to improve the quality of healthcare/services that your organization delivers.

An accreditation helps support an organization’s value and quality of service that it delivers to its consumers. The benefits of having an accreditation such as NCQA or URAC elevates your organization and shows that you have met very rigorous quality standards and that your organization is functioning at its optimal level, providing the best quality services. This also opens the door to many new business opportunities and allows you to be more competitive with other organizations. 

Our company receives so many requests from future/current clients who are tasked with trying to find a consultant to assist them with preparing for their accreditation or reaccreditation. Often the client is lacking the experience and understanding of the entire accreditation process which involves knowledge of the rigorous standards. A consultant who is a Subject Matter Expert can help guide you through the very complex process and interpret the standards for you in order to ensure that you have a successful outcome (pass your survey). A consultant can also assist you with making sure that your policies and procedures are compliant with the most current standards.  This is especially important when you are preparing for your re-accreditation/certification as the standards may have changed since your last accreditation. Additionally, a consultant can assist you and your team with performing file reviews and mock surveys to help you prepare for what to expect on the day of your survey. 

Successful NCQA or URAC accreditation will ultimately show that your organization is committed to providing the best quality services by adhering to many required standards. This designation enables your company to be more marketable for future business opportunities. Hiring a seasoned, accreditation expert (from PSN) to assist with preparing your organization for your accreditation will prove to be very valuable in helping you have a successful outcome with attaining your accreditation.   

About Marlene Buczynski

As Manager, Consulting Services, Marlene matches client accreditation needs with consultant skills/expertise in URAC and NCQA Accreditation, is a client/consultant liaison, spearheads the creation of proposal responses and performs an integral role in preparing and securing client contracts through full execution. She is also involved in PSN’s Quality Improvement Program, monitoring client feedback for PSN’s consulting work and serves on PSN’s Quality Assurance committee. 

About Professional Services Network, Inc.

Professional Services Network, Inc. (PSN) works with clients nationwide in the search and recruitment of experienced healthcare professionals in managed care and clinical roles for temporary assignments and direct hire opportunities.  Additionally, PSN’s consultants work with organizations and providers seeking accreditation or re-accreditation with URAC or NCQA. For additional information regarding our services contact us at 301-460-4089 or email us at [email protected].